“Walk-in, large systems for large productions”

The WALK-IN line is a semi-industrial production facility branded as “the world’s smallest traditional food laboratory“. It is a model that, among other things, maximizes space and delivers appealing and original features.

The WALKIN Line has up to two access doors to make it easier to arrange products with the use of handy trolleys.

As many as two versions designed for every display need:

  • STANDARD: Designed to be placed against a wall with up to three glass pannels to view the appetizing contents.
  • TOTAL VIEW: an enhanced visual experience with two glass doors and an inspection window on the operator side and a full glass window on the customer side.

The spacious inner chamber is intended to support an output of 400 to 1200 kg of product per month for the following models:

  • Stagionello® Meat Maturing device and Stagionello® Fish Curing Device: large chamber in models of 400 kg / 800 kg / 1200 kg product per month.
  • Stagionello® Salami Curing device and Stagionello® Fish Curing Device: innovative combination of as many as 2 microclimate chambers to easily make any type of salami. The first, smaller chamber will be used for stewing, smoking and/or cooking. The larger chamber, on the other hand, will be used for the curing and/or flavoured smooking phase. Available in 100/300 kg and 200/600 kg models.