Stagionello®Meat Curing Device

The Stagionello® Meat Curing Device is a unique, patented and exclusive tool, for the production of "READY TO EAT" foods “READY TO EAT” such as MATURED MEAT (UP TO 12 MONTHS), CURED MEAT AND BEEF PROSCIUTTI (INCLUDING HALAL) cured and/or cooked with a controlled pH.

The Cuomo Method®, applied to the Stagionello® Meat Curing Device, allows for the processing of all types of meat (beef, venison, horse, game, sheep, and goat) using defined-phase, short and medium fermentation, smoking, and/or cooking processes.

A device and method that enables the user to manage weight-loss autonomously.
The pH management is key to the method and allows for the production of ‘ready to eat’ dishes with rich aromas, decisive flavours, and incomparable suppleness, assuring the consumer of an authentic gastronomic experience.


European Food Safety Authority

The Stagionello® Meat Curing Device is the only device on the market that fulfill all requirements dictated by EFSA’s scientific opinion on the correct and safe production of matured meat (DRY-AGE)
HUMIDITY, TEMPERATURE, VENTILATION, aW and pH are all factors that the patented IoT4.0 technology No. EP 2769276B1 manages continuously to ensure safety.

Within the S.F.C.®, there are eight pre-set climatic recipes that have been evaluated and approved as standard by the Stagionello® project’s collaborating Universities.
This approach encourages an improvement in ROI of up to 300% for each production cycle. A technological breakthrough for a prosperous, food-safe business.

The Stagionello® Meat Curing Device is available in 5 different device lines to satisfy the production needs of every business, from 60Kg to 5,000Kg of meat per month with standard models or higher quantities with customised projects.
Solutions suitable for large and small businesses that want to invest in the quality and safety of raw materials processed naturally thanks to stagionello® high technology.


With the Stagionello® Meat curing device, you can process all types of meat (beef, venison, horse, sheep/goat and wild meat) through defined-phase, short and medium fermentation, smoking and/or cooking processes.

Making healthy and appetizing food with the Stagionello® Meat curing device is easy, thanks to the climatic recipe book®, a collection of scientifically verified recipes that can be set up with a single click on the intuitive display on the boards of each machine.

From the best-known maturation of loins, half-carcases, legs and quarters to the production of exquisite beef salami such as Bresaola, prosciutto, carne salada, pastrami, coppiette and cooked salami such as Wurstel.

Choosing Stagionello® Meat Curing Device means meeting the growing demand of a public that is constantly on search for healthy but traditionally natural products, as well as having a true guarantee of food wholesomeness, thanks to a device that uses a constant monitoring of the entire transformation process.


  • PH-METRIC SYSTEM: an intelligent, integrated system for continuous pH analysis, verification, and management, complete with a safety alert, as needed by international food safety regulations.
  • CLIMATE RECIPE: pre-set operating procedures in conformity with international food safety regulations, or can be customised in the My Recipes section.
  • FUMOTIC®: Patented and certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development drop-weight management system for cold smoking and/or flavouring.
  • CLEANING IN PLACE: Automatic and integrated washing system.
  • HACCP: A sophisticated system for integrated and remote networked HACCP in accordance with international food safety regulations. Tracking of all values is directly visible on the display, remotely, or in print.
  • IoT 4.0: IoT technology with a 4.0 network system that provides remote assistance, software updates, and remote diagnostics.

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