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Supporting tradition through education:

The Stagionello® Academy is the place to learn the secrets of old-world traditional recipes as well as revolutionary production methods. Training programs that offer specialized learning modules for customers and professionals and are created to meet the demands of a variety of target audiences, including restaurants, butchers, fishmongers, delicatessens, food operators, and large-scale distribution. Throughout the numerous specialization pathways, a team of experts will be by your side to help you become a true professional: a Cuomo Method® Food Specialist

The Stagionello® Academy offers a wide range of training programs that are tailored to your individual needs.

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Learn about the specialized courses offered ONLINE, accessible from any location and device
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One-On-One professional specialization: go to the Academy closest to you and sign up for the course most appropriate for your line of work.


About us

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Through targeted video lessons, discover how to prepare delicious ready-to-eat meals.
A resourceful e-learning platform at your disposal for specialization at any time.

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