“A display cabinet that is ideal for all types of establishments with showcasing needs”.

The plug-in line is available for Stagionello® Meat Curing Device, Stagionello® Fish Curing Device and Stagionello® Salami Curing Device, also in cooking versions.

Designed for small to medium quantity productions and available in models from 100 to 200 kg of product per month. Additional flexibility is provided by the TWIN 100+100 Kg model, which can handle two different productions of the same food sector, or by the COMBO 100+100 Kg model, which enables the combination and monitoring of two different food sectors. Two separate displays are present on both lines.

STANDARD, TOTAL VIEW (2 GLASS), and 4 GLASS are sophisticated design versions of the plug-in line entirely made in glass and are characterized as upscale showcase equipment

  • STANDARD VERSION: It is made to be positioned against a wall or encased as a design feature and is appropriate for all dining areas, shops, and laboratories. The operator’s entry point and the customer’s point of product view are both through the glass display door.


  • TOTAL VIEW (2 GLASS) VERSION: Two sides are displayed for a better visual experience for both the operator and the consumer. Aside from the glass showcase door, the back of the TOTAL VIEW model is distinguished by yet another glass back panel with rounded edges to better display items. It gives the consumer a complete view of the product transformation occurring inside the climatic chamber.


  • 4 GLASS VERSION: is the ultimate expression of design elegance: the door has a glass panel and is dedicated to the operator’s activities. There are an additional three glass sides for a complete 360° view of the products inside. Not only technological innovation but a design element for your establishment.