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    Stagionello® Salami Curing Device 100 + 100 Kg

    Patented ioT 4.0 device for curing, fermentation, aromatic smoking and cooking of salami with pH verification and management The dual climate room allows you to perform two distinct transformation processes and acquire two distinct READY TO EAT delicacies!

    CookingNo cooking
    4 VetriStandardTotal view
    230 V 50 Hz230V 60 Hz
    Bacinella con doppio fondo GN 2/1
    Bacinella con doppio GN fondo 1/1
    Coppia Guida
    Griglia 100 - 200 Twin
    Kit ricambio aria
    Kit ruote di cui 2 con freno
    Sistema anticalcare conforme alla direttiva n°174/2004
    Stampante HACCP

    Always included:

    PH-METRIC SYSTEM: an intelligent, integrated system for continuous pH analysis, verification, and management, complete with a safety alert, as needed by international food safety regulations.

    IoT 4.0: IoT technology with a 4.0 network system that provides remote assistance, software updates, and remote diagnostics.

    HACCP: A sophisticated system for integrated and remote networked HACCP in accordance with international food safety regulations. Tracking of all values is directly visible on the display, remotely, or in print.

    FUMOTIC®: Patented and certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development drop-weight management system for cold smoking and/or flavouring.

    CLEANING IN PLACE: Automatic and integrated washing system.

    CLIMATE RECIPE: pre-set operating procedures in conformity with international food safety regulations, or can be customised in the My Recipes section

    U.T.A. Food air treatment unit; integrated system in the climatic chamber manufactured entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel (no polystyrene)

    Sicur Food Control 4.0

    All food-contact parts made of AISI 304 stainless steel

    No MONOBLOCK but professional condensing unit

    NO POLYSTYROL but professional thermal isolation

    Water loading from canister and mains connection

    Aroma load from canister

    Anti-scaling filter

    Water discharge into tank and preparation for direct discharge

    Natural LED light 4000 °K

    CE and MOCA conformity 



    N.40 Hanging rods

    N.08 Guide couples