Sicur Food Control®

Industrial Invention Patent EP 2769276B1

The Sicur Food Control® is the technological equivalent of the Cuomo Method®: a patented technology that ANALYZES, VERIFIES, and MANAGES the preservation and/or transformation stages of food inside the climatic room via a simple and straightforward display.

Typical and traditional products are made possible by Italian IoT 4.0 high technology in all Stagionello® devices.

The patented SFC® technology has permanently changed the world of professional food processing, because of a unique device that combines sophisticated analysis algorithms with a simple touchscreen interface.

The Cuomo Method®’s continuous scientific research is contained in a device that ensures successful food production through the control of the only food’s physical parameters and its environment, ensuring a traditional, safe, and high-quality product without the use of artificial chemistry, in accordance with all current international food safety directives and regulations.

ClimaticRecipies®: the unique patented method implements a pre-set list of scientifically validated climatic recipes, allowing the creation of different nutraceutical foods, designed on the unique characteristics of each raw material such as meat and fish, guaranteeing reproducibility and repeatability at any time of year.

Il dispositivo è programmato con software e ricette climatiche dedicate a carne, pesce e salumi, nel pieno rispetto delle norme di sicurezza alimentare.