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    Stagionello® Meat Curing Device TECA BRUNO 100 Kg

    Patented ioT 4.0 device for professional maturation, fermentation and aromatic smoking of meat with pH verification and management

    No cooking
    4 glasses
    230 V 50 Hz230V 60 Hz
    Air replacement kit
    Anti-limescale system compliant with directive n°174/2004
    Driving couple
    Grid 100 - 200 Twin
    HACCP printer
    Tray with double GN 1/1 bottom
    Tray with double GN 2/1 bottom
    Wheel kit, 2 of which with brake


    •  Professional maturation

    • Control of mould proliferation

    • Weight loss control

    • Continuous monitoring of parameters

    • Ph verification and management

    • Food safety guaranteed



    European Food Safety Authority


    The Stagionello® Meat Curing Device is the only device on the market that fulfill all requirements dictated by EFSA’s scientific opinion on the correct and safe production of matured meat (DRY-AGE)

    HUMIDITY, TEMPERATURE, VENTILATION, aW and pH are all factors that the patented IoT4.0 technology No. EP 2769276B1 manages continuously to ensure safety.


    PH-METRIC SYSTEM: an intelligent, integrated system for continuous pH analysis, verification, and management, complete with a safety alert, as needed by international food safety regulations.


    IoT 4.0: IoT technology with a 4.0 network system that provides remote assistance, software updates, and remote diagnostics.


    HACCP: A sophisticated system for integrated and remote networked HACCP in accordance with international food safety regulations. Tracking of all values is directly visible on the display, remotely, or in print.


    FUMOTIC®: Patented and certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development drop-weight management system for cold smoking and/or flavouring.


    CLEANING IN PLACE: Automatic and integrated washing system.


    CLIMATE RECIPE: pre-set operating procedures in conformity with international food safety regulations, or can be customised in the My Recipes section

    • U.T.A. Food air treatment unit; integrated system in the climatic chamber manufactured entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel (no polystyrene)

    • All food-contact parts made of AISI 304 stainless steel

    • No MONOBLOCK but professional condensing unit

    • NO POLYSTYROL but professional thermal isolation

    • Water loading from canister and mains connection

    • Aroma load from canister

    • Anti-scaling filter

    • Direct water discharge

    • Natural LED light 4000 °K

    • CE and MOCA conformity


    Standard equipment:

    N.03 Grids

    N.03 Guide couples