The passion for the sea meets technology, Indrek Tekko bets on Stagionello

The passion for the sea meets technology, Indrek Tekko bets on Stagionello The passion for the sea meets technology, Indrek Tekko bets on Stagionello

The passion for the sea meets technology, Indrek Tekko bets on Stagionello™.
“It’s my passion, I love the sea, and this is my life”.


This is how Indrek Tekko, CEO of the Estonian company Kalamajakas, a seafood industry company that boasts the richest selection of fish and seafood in Estonia, presents himself.
With over 500 products from local and distant fishing waters, Kalamajakas has been actively collaborating with companies in the Ho.Re.Ca sector for 15 years.
This dynamism has always encouraged Indrek, who, for about a year now, has decided to delve into new methods of fish processing. An interest that led him to explore the technology of the Stagionello™ Fish Curing Device and he said that:
“I had an idea about a year ago. To be able to use fish in its entirety, for something new. To experiment with new flavors and new products. I had many ideas in mind and I found Stagionello. That’s why I came to Italy, to closely explore this innovation.”

Indrek Tekko, CEO of the Estonian company Kalamajakas
Indrek Tekko

Stagionello™ Fish Curing Device.

When the Estonian administrator started delving into the Cuomo Method™ and Stagionellotechnology, he found the answers to all his questions. He soon came to the conclusion that being able to apply this method in his own country would mean presenting a completely new novelty to the entire fish market. In Estonia, there are currently no products like fish cured meats, a true gastronomic innovation, made possible only by the Stagionello™ Fish Curing Device. The opportunity to introduce a pioneering idea of this kind to the market particularly stimulated Indrek’s imagination. The advanced training course attended at the Stagionello™ Academy allowed him to reconsider the very structure of fish: Recovering any part of it, thus avoiding waste, allows offering customers a product of the highest quality.

“I know a lot about fish: from fishing, to smoking, to marinating and preserving and processing this raw material – Indrek made it clear. But aging and maturing are completely new concepts to me. This course has helped me create new recipes, learn new processing techniques. Now the most important thing for me is to make these innovations tools for my company and to make people aware of the importance of these foods.”

Sea-cuterie thanks to pH management

Having the opportunity to enhance the raw material in its entirety means not only reducing waste but also minimizing losses in one’s turnover. Furthermore, of course, remaining within a more sustainable economy. During the two-day course held at the Academy, Indrek was also impressed by this possibility. As a company manager, considering losses and profits becomes essential for growth in the market. The use of Stagionello technology, combined with the ideas that each professional can develop, means being able to give strength to a path characterized by innovation, taste, and safety. Three elements that have always characterized the Stagionello brand.
“My team and I,” Indrek explained, “are developing a new business idea that can bring tasty and healthy products to the market, but above all, products that respect tradition.”
A new entrepreneurial experience that demonstrates the importance of investing in an ethical, sustainable, and traditionally innovative gastronomic future.