Colombias future in the HORECA sector is betting on Stagionello

Colombias future in the HORECA sector is betting on Stagionello Colombias future in the HORECA sector is betting on Stagionello

Colombias future in the HORECA sector is betting on Stagionello®. The number of companies choosing Stagionello® technology as a tool for the success of their food businesses is growing daily. In the first days of April, the Ki-Tech group visited and participated in the courses offered by the Stagionello® Academy. Ki-Tech is a Colombian company that has been engaged for years in designing industrial kitchens that are productive and efficient, using the latest pioneering European technology.
The meeting with Stagionello® was not accidental. Ki-Tech, through a careful selection of partners, offers equipment to help reduce production times, minimize waste, increase the quality and shelf life of food, standardize transformation processes, and minimize bacterial proliferation. These elements are always guaranteed by the 100% Made-in-Italy technology designed and patented by Alessandro Cuomo.
The various devices focused on curing, aging, maturing, smoking, and dry-aging meat and fish delicacies embody the company’s mission: “to design and manufacture pioneering micro-climate systems and cabinets for traditional food transformation. Innovating and improving culinary culture through the processing and preservation of typical and local foods in Italy and abroad.Cuomo® Method’s technological application makes it possible to control and manage the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of food, such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, and water activity. These parameters are precisely analyzed and managed by the unique patented system that is based on the pH of the food. All to ensure delicious, nutritious, and most importantly, safe READY TO EAT foods.

The Stagionello Academy

The Stagionello® Academy is the place to learn the secrets of traditional old world recipes and to learn new production techniques alongside the latest generation in technology. Training events are designed to meet the needs of various target groups such as restaurants, butcher shops, fish shops along with large-scale retail.
Here, Chef Pablo González, accompanied by his trusted technician, spent five days between lectures and practical courses to better understand and enhance their knowledge of the features of Stagionello® technology, experimenting with the enormous potential that the devices can offer. “Visiting the Stagionello® company,” Chef González told us, “was an unforgettable immersion into the heart of craftsmanship and culinary tradition. From the moment I entered, I was enveloped in an atmosphere brimming with passion and expertise.
From the selection of the best meats to the precision and dedication that distinguishes each phase of the transformation process, to the meticulous control of temperature, humidity, and pH management, the two Colombians were particularly impressed by the attention to detail.
Discovering the Cuomo Method, a technique passed down through time and developed by Alessandro Cuomo, was a revelation,” the Chef explained to us. “This method, which combines centuries-old tradition with modern innovation, ensures that every product embodies the essence of Italian culinary excellence.” One aspect highlighted by Pablo González was the environmental impact of Stagionello® technology.

A fascinating aspect of this reality is its commitment to sustainability. Using eco-friendly materials and high-efficiency technologies, they not only reduce environmental impact but also maintain responsibility towards future generations. It was inspiring to see how innovation and tradition can harmoniously coexist in the pursuit of culinary greatness.

Being able to observe and study the Stagionello® Meat Curing Device (Maturmeat®), the Stagionello® Fish Curing Device (Pesciugatore®), and the Stagionello® Salami Curing Device was a moment of professional growth from both a technical and gastronomic perspective. From understanding the complexities of meat curing to appreciating the importance of patience and precision, every moment was a lesson in culinary art.

I left the factory enriched and inspired, eager to apply what I had learned in my own culinary endeavors,” concluded the Colombian Chef. Beyond the technical aspects, what truly made this experience unforgettable were the people. The artisans and experts at Stagionello® who welcomed me with open arms, sharing their expertise and passion with contagious enthusiasm. It was a privilege to witness firsthand and immerse myself in a culture that venerates craftsmanship and tradition. In conclusion, my visit was not just an educational experience but a journey of discovery, inspiration, and appreciation. It deepened my love for Italian cuisine and strengthened my belief in the transformative power of food. I will always carry the memories of this extraordinary experience with me, cherishing them as a reminder of the infinite possibilities found at the intersection of tradition and innovation.

Colombias betting on Stagionello