Armenia’s, ‘Pizza RIA’ aims at home-made charcuterie with the original Stagionello® Salami Device.

Armenia’s, ‘Pizza RIA’ aims at home-made charcuterie with the original Stagionello<sup>®</sup> Salami Device. Armenia’s, ‘Pizza RIA’ aims at home-made charcuterie with the original Stagionello<sup>®</sup> Salami Device.

The ambitious Stagionello® project that launches itself worldwide, towards the valorisation and protection of typical and traditional foods, denotes an interesting multi-ethnic character, where different cultures and flavours meet and confront each other in a common desire to rediscover true gastronomic artisanal production and recover the genuine authenticity of traditional foods.

This is the ideal goal of a new business in Armenia, ‘Pizza RIA’, born in 2020 is a pizzeria that combines Italian tradition with next-generation technology.


At the helm of this dynamic endeavour is Heghine and Saluel, a couple that has at hand, a novel reality aimed at offering customers an experience that communicates the value of healthy and wholesome food. For them, Italian cuisine is the highest expression, the essence of their philosophy, contained in their very name, where ‘RIA’ means ‘Real Italian Art’.

Persistenly engaged in the study of methods and technologies that contribute to the improvement of their gastronomic recommendations, Heghine and Saluel are thirsty for knowledge and study the Cuomo Method® and the Stagionello® devices: a choice that will enable them to offer their customers, handmade, prime-quality salami, guaranteed by the food-safe process of the Stagionello® Salami Curing Device and not the raw materials imported from abroad.

Once again, training will make the difference: the two Armenian entrepreneurs join the Stagionello® Academy in Italy, to learn theoretical and practical notions that will enable them to make the best use of the applied technology they have chosen for their business.

Two intense days alongside expert technologists with whom to compare notes and discover the secrets behind the production of artisanal cured meats using a method and applied technology derived from old world knowledge.

An experience that Heghine describes as follows:

“Of the Stagionello® world, we were not only won over by the technology but also by the continuous support. We were guests of the company in Italy in order to learn the secrets of true gastronomic tradition and to make it known to customers through our kitchen. Upon entering Stagionello®, we were caught up in an atmosphere of cooperation and attention: lots of notions to make the best salami and hams with which we will enrich our pizzas, certain that we will be able to return to Armenia being able to count on the availability and preparation of a united and competent team”.

This new collaboration proves that emerging in an increasingly competitive and diverse market, such as the gastronomic world, it is deemed possible by focusing on valorizing your own production through applied technology that respects old world traditions: essential genuine flavours and unique food-safe products, such as Salumi made naturally with pH verification and management, will make a simple pizza an authentic Italian experience.