Stagionello by Arredo Inox Srl receives regional “Impresa Territorio award 2023”

Stagionello by Arredo Inox Srl receives regional “Impresa Territorio award 2023” Stagionello by Arredo Inox Srl receives regional “Impresa Territorio award 2023”
Stagionello® by Arredo Inox Srl receives regional “Impresa Territorio award 2023”.

“Celebrating Calabrian entrepreneurship and enterprise”. This is the concept of the regional “Impresa Territorio award“, established in 2016 at the behest of Mario Straticò, the former president of the Castrovillari Chartered Accountants Association.
Highlighting positive occasions demonstrating that conducting business in Calabria is feasible as well, within the bounds of the law and apart from illegal reasoning. The primary goal of the seventh edition of the Prize, is to increase public awareness of the significance of Calabrian businesses and entrepreneurs.
Those who have cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit, supported company culture, and assumed the position of an inventive leader with a proactive outlook and demeanour.

Impresa Territorio award 2023

In the Events & Meeting room of the Vaccheria Foti in Corigliano – Rossano, the event this year took place on December 16. Avv. Alessandro Zanfino, President of Fincalabra, and Dr. Franco Rubino, UNICAL Lecturer, spoke at a conference here titled “Single Economic Zone of Southern Italy: Perspectives and Opportunities”. This conference took place following the customary institutional greetings. This was succeeded by the awarding of the “Premio – Impresa Territorio.”
Each year, a panel of judges assessing the quality of work produced by businesses and entrepreneurs. As a unique illustration of a Calabrian economic operator, ARREDO INOX srl. was given the 7th edition prize by the promoter committee of the regional award “IMPRESA TERRITORIO,” which was led by Dr. Domenico Pisano and Dr. Vincenzo Cesarini, President of the Order.
Entrepreneur and inventor Alessandro Cuomo dedicated the award in his acceptance speech to all of the employees who have worked diligently to achieve these goals.
“The reputation of a healthy, productive, and industrious Calabria is built with internal communication, first and foremost in our companies, then within the associations and institutions, local, provincial, and regional, just as you are doing with the Impresa e Territorial award”.
“Tonight, I have the duty to represent all of our employees, who together represent the core values of our company,” he continued. “This is the only way that institutions will be able to change the paradigm towards us, replace obsolete preconceptions, and open their markets to our beautiful Calabria.”

The Crotone businessman described the evolution of his company.

“Many years ago we started out with a humble metal carpentry,” he said, “hence the name that we still carry with us and that no longer represents the company mission.” In truth, we have evolved into an inventive SME since the 1990s raw material crises. Since then, we have designed, prototyped, and manufactured machinery and technical solutions for the processing and preservation of traditional foods. We developed the Stagionello, a unique device for pH-controlled fish and meat safeguarding, in 2006. We were granted our first patent for an industrial invention in 2009. As of right now, we own 4 invention patents, 170 model and design patents, 1 European and 1 Canadian patent, along with 9 trademarks.”
A genius and natural approach to organically preparing meat and seafood following centuries-old traditions.
4,000 people choose this option in restaurants and shops globally because they have the same conviction to “produce food that is healthy, nutraceutical, and traditional.” made in Calabria with pride.

Impresa Territorio award 2023