Stagionello at Meat Experience 2024

Stagionello at Meat Experience 2024 Stagionello at Meat Experience 2024

Stagionello at Meat Experience 2024. You will be sure to find the Stagionello® company at Meat Experience 2024, the forum  will take place on 21 and 22 April at the Malpensa Fiere Exhibition Centre. This event is focused on contributing to the professional development of those who work in the meat industry in various roles, including butchery and catering.
With its ability to provide experts with unique solutions for the preservation and processing of meat, seafood, and cold cuts, the Stagionello® company’s contribution in this matter could not be overlooked: Two technologies are present at the event, both dedicated to meat curing:

  • Stagionello® Dry-age is designed to mature, preserve, and dry-age all meat cuts;
  • Stagionello® Meat Curing Device is developed for professional extended maturation and, owing to its original patented technology based on food pH management, ensures professional healthy and flavorful meat for over 300 days.

Continuous scientific research is contained in a device that ensures successful food production by controlling the physical parameters of the food and the environment in which it is contained. This is done without using any artificial chemicals and in conformity with all current international food safety laws and standards.
Thanks to the presence of our experts, visitors will be able to learn more about a unique pioneering technology in terms of research and development. As well as training and services that accompany the development of each business.
So if you are looking for innovation and technology to support you in the traditional production of food-safe items, come and visit us!
Our experts will be able to direct you to the best solution for your needs.