How to cure traditional salami at any time of year

How to cure traditional salami at any time of year How to cure traditional salami at any time of year

How to Cure Traditional Salami at Any Time of Year. The production and consumption of cured meats has seen a significant increase on the national and international market. This is due to the growing appreciation of Italian gastronomic culture in the world.
Salami curing is a fascinating art that attracts both lovers and professionals, who are the keepers of precious teachings transmitted through generations, to taste and share authentic traditional foods.
However, today there are several problems related to the curing of cured meats: the main factor is the microclimate.
In fact, the modern century is seeing an increasingly milder climate all year round, leading to particularly uncertain seasons. This is why, from the sea to the mountains, habits and food production are changing and we are witnessing a progressive departure from traditional culture, which is difficult to replicate over time.

The Solution

So how can we reintroduce those tasty and healthy traditional cured meats at any time of the year? The answer comes from the Stagionello® Salami Curing Device technology.
This is what is commonly known as a curing cabinet that guarantees a natural production of each type of salami.
A novelty on the market that skilfully combines traditional curing and production rates comparable to industrial ones, but without using chemicals, nitrates or artificial elements.
Let’s learn more about how a Stagionello® cell for curing cured meats works.
This innovative solution allows the creation of an ideal microclimate inside the curing cabinet, guaranteeing the production of entire batches of high quality cold cuts through the unique method that manages the pH of the food.
Known as the Cuomo Method®, it represents a true revolution in the gastronomic world, a new innovation now patented in Italy and abroad.
These Stagionello® curing cabinets exclusively combine natural elements that have always influenced the production of cured meats such as ventilation, humidity, temperature and pH. It is also simple to use! You can cure your favourite salami by selecting the recipe that best suits your needs from the practical display.

How to Cure Traditional Salami
Salami curing cabinet Stagionello

The formula offered by Stagionello® guarantees the food safety of its products thanks to continuous collaboration with university institutions such as the University of Bologna, the University of Naples and the University of Milan, which are constantly studying the wholesomeness of a food that today has a shelf-life of up to 6 months!
Stagionello® Salami Curing Device allows you to make not only cured meats but also cooked and smoked salami: so many possibilities in one technology 100% made in Italy!
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