Halibut Ham: New Tasty Foods from the North Sea

Halibut Ham: New Tasty Foods from the North Sea Halibut Ham: New Tasty Foods from the North Sea

Halibut Ham: New Tasty Foods from the North Sea. Stagionello and Royal Greenland Together for Fish Product Enhancement.
Enhancing the freshness of fish over time, combining taste, tradition, and innovation, offering revolutionary ready-to-eat foods. This and much more is what Stagionello® Fish Curing Device technology, 100% made in Italy, offers. This device, dedicated to the curing and transformation of fish, is the creation of inventor Alessandro Cuomo. Stagionello® is an International Family Company aiming to preserve foods and culinary trades of gastronomic tradition, promoting artisanal production of typical specialties. To achieve this goal, the company has created a network of partners from the culinary world and beyond. Among these is the partnership with Royal Greenland. This collaboration began at the Host 2023 Fair, thanks to the significant promotional work by Assoittica, the National Association of Fish Companies since 1986.
At the International Fair of Milan, Royal Greenland Italy, represented by Davide Caragnano, the Secretary General of Assoittica Giuseppe Palma, and Dr. Alessandro Cuomo presented the potential of halibut, transformed on this occasion into a tasty fish ham naturally cured with Stagionello® technology.



Royal Greenland is a company owned by the Greenland government, aiming to provide high-quality seafood products, committed to applying the highest food safety standards at all stages of its activity. All facilities are BRC or ISF certified and follow strict HACCP procedures. Royal Greenland’s quality management system operates on both regulatory and food levels. The goal of Royal Greenland is to enhance the ancient traditions of local fishing communities in Greenland, through fish caught in the cold waters of Northern Europe: boreal shrimp, arctic snowcrab, cod, lumpfish, and especially halibut.


Halibut is the English name for numerous flat fish belonging to different species: the Pacific halibut, the California halibut, the dwarf halibut, and the Greenland halibut. The last one lives in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Particularly appreciated for its white flesh, it is a fish with a soft texture, easy to cook, and delicate in flavor. Halibut is extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids, making it highly sought after. The Greenland halibut is a versatile fish and can be used in almost all its parts, resulting in almost zero waste. The fish is sold whole or in fillets with or without skin, or in slices or portions. It is also used for the production of ready meals and smoked or marinated products.


In this context, the Stagionello® Fish Curing Device is introduced. Healthiness and quality of products are transformed safely thanks to patented systems based on the control of the food’s pH. With this device, transforming any type of fish through maturation, smoking, drying, dry-aging, and cooking processes is very simple. This is thanks to a series of ideal microclimates contained in the special Climatic Recipe Book®. Inside, there are various climatic recipes validated and certified by the Universities partnering in the project, offering endless possible combinations to experiment with.

Stagionello® Fish Curing Device
Stagionello® Fish Curing Device