ENTREPRENURAL FLAIR RESCUSE TRADITIONS: Historic butcher shops are transformed into charming convivial niches.

ENTREPRENURAL FLAIR RESCUSE TRADITIONS: Historic butcher shops are transformed into charming convivial niches. ENTREPRENURAL FLAIR RESCUSE TRADITIONS: Historic butcher shops are transformed into charming convivial niches.

The food sector is undoubtedly that field that proves to fear no crisis and denotes an incredible ability to adapt to any momentary difficulty; a true ability to innovate, to be traced in the minds of every professional who partakes.

Today we assist an evolution of ancient and humble trades, reinventing their profession not out of a spirit of adaptation, but out of a true entrepreneurial makeover, combining craftsmanship and technology: we are talking about modern Butcher-Grill establishments.

Here the character of butcher reinvents himself and becomes a responsible actor in ethical and sustainable territorial valorization.

It chooses to offer further quality through a new “in-house” cooking service, which conceals the noble goal of protecting the food chain through an increasingly concrete and new Km0 project, which does not cease at simply suggesting meat cuts or dishes, rather it wants to vindicate each cut, emphasizing the unparalleled taste that only elements such as curing and attention confer, thanks to a simple idea: gastronomic dishes from the showcase to the table.

An idea with southern origins that is transforming small butcher shops into comfortable, intimate and sought-after gathering places with peculiar income benefits, due precisely to innovative flair.

The new “meat boss” concretizes this modern reality by choosing as many pioneering tools that share the same goal of food valorization as the Cuomo Method®️ innovation.


At Stagionello®️ Store, systems such as the Stagionello®️ Meat Maturing Device are designed pursuant to important in-depth studies focused on food melioration, with the aim of seeking the ancient teachings of tradition when food was considered medicine, as opposed to the recent and increasingly conventional habits that represent the exact opposite.


An improved chain is emerging that sees, first and foremost, quality choices at local breeders.  It develops through the advice of artisans who are experts in the field, who propose for the first time the importance of the nutritional value with respect to professionally matured meat, the presentation of a final product improved once cooked, all in full view of the customer himself.


It’s the transparency of the storefront that makes the difference: conducting elements are the displays, from the butcher’s counter, where customers can choose various cuts, to the design of the Stagionello®️ devices, where behind the sophisticated aesthetic appearance, you find the determination of the entrepreneur, encouraged and supported by the “friendly applied technology” and taking personal responsibility for offering safe, healthy, quality services and products.

The most interesting aspect is undoubtedly the return on investment. The butcher, who has now become the entrepreneur of a new gastronomic culture, makes a profit on three fronts. The first certainly lies in the raw material: thanks to the possibility of utilizing the Cuomo Method®️ to valorize each and every cut of the animal for the first time, larger cuts such as whole half-carcasses will be chosen at a highly competitive cost.

The second would be the ease in which you can entrust your piece of mind in its intelligent applied technology which offers the security of continuous pH management.  In addition to this translating into a longer shelf life, improved flavour, supreme quality, vast varieties of gastronomic suggestions over time, is the advantage of a relative and substantial economic benefit.

The final key lies in its cooking option to increases the profit on selected delicatessen items that are prepared and ready to eat on site.

Once again, the key lies in tradition, which wisely interpreted and applied, makes small realities successful innovations and fascinating convivial scenes.