Dry-aging of meat and technological solutions

Dry-aging of meat and technological solutions Dry-aging of meat and technological solutions

Dry-aging of meat and technological solutions.
It is still a question today among the “meat bosses” how to cure or dry-aging meat. There are many techniques recommended on the web but very few appropriate professional solutions.
There is a growing request for dry-aged meat. This is because more and more people appreciate a particularly tender and juicy product with a firm consistency.
This meat generally has a strong, intense flavour accompanied by a dark red colour when cut.

But how does a perfect dry-aging process come about?

The dry-aging meat is not as easy as it seems. In fact, it is only in early 2023 that the first authoritative organisation, the E.F.S.A. (European Food Safety Authority) has spoken out.
A scientific opinion states: safety is given by a combination of well-defined parameters, such as temperature, humidity, Aw (water activity), air velocity and pH.
When managed within determined ranges and continuously monitored, these limit the multiplication of harmful microorganisms.
For the first time, the need for specially designed machines is underlined. At this point, the first essential step is to learn well what a dry age cabinet is and how to choose it.
Many maturing systems or meat curing devices do not comply with those parameters and characteristics that allow the raw material not to suffer “microbiological damage”, posing a potential danger to consumers.
Another important factor to evaluate is the weight loss.
Performing perfect dry-aging means, for the professional, having the weight loss of the raw material under control, which is directly proportional to the profits.

What is the solution for the dry-aging meat?

There is a patented, advanced technology, 100% made in Italy, which makes it possible to control the “weight loss” process and, at the same time, perfectly dry-age the meat.
The Stagionello™ Dry-Age, among the many cabinets on the market, is not a simple meat curing or maturation cabinet. This patented device allows you to choose between conservation or dry-aging processes, thanks to an intuitive display that presents different preset recipes.  It is the only system on the market that meets all the requirements dictated by the EFSA scientific opinion on the correct and safe production of dry-aged meat.
A modern cabinet that guarantees zero mould, zero undesired odours and cuts down on waste. But Stagionello™ offers professionals two technologies for meat curing.
In fact, in addition to the different lines of the Stagionello™ Dry-Age, it is possible to choose a system that is also suitable for smoking, cooking and maturing meat. We are talking about the Stagionello™ Meat Curing Device.
Pioneering innovative and above all natural technologies designed with the aim of guaranteeing a healthy and wholesome diet. Offering operators and consumers a guarantee of safety.
All this demonstrates the important role that technology plays in gastronomic activities.