Aitor Olabegoya Estrela the chef of gastronomic traditions.

Aitor Olabegoya Estrela the chef of gastronomic traditions. Aitor Olabegoya Estrela the chef of gastronomic traditions.

A full 24 hours in the air, from China to Italy to join his friend Alessandro CuomoAitor Olabegoya Estrela is a Basque chef who has cultivated a passion for cooking from an early age.

A strong determination that took him, at only 19 years old, to win first place in Spain’s International Young Chefs competition. After working alongside one of the world’s greatest chefs, Ferran Adrià, Chef Aitor goes on to express his gastronomic flair in the East, conquering its sophisticated palates among the kitchens of luxurious hotel chains.

Executive Chef at Migas Restaurant in Beijing, Culinary director at Doors Restaurant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Quemo Restaurant in Hong Kong, Aitor Olabegoya develops sophisticated menus based on dishes with bold flavors, employing extraordinary raw materials and unique traditional flavors.

Moved by the constant and ambitious quest for authenticity and innovation, Chef Aitor lands in Italy to meet Alessandro Cuomo, inventor of Stagionello® devices, with whom he will discover and share knowledge of the rural world.

The inventor of the namesake method for curing fish and meat, took his guest back to what has been called “experiences of origin.” A true return to the past, bonding with local fishermen, farmers and cooks of local trattorias.

It’s the same Aitor who will later confess to Alessandro that, with him, he relived the scents and emotions of his youth, when he enthusiastically and carefully learned the secrets hidden in his grandparents’ hands;

from the days when he accompanied Chef Ferran Adrià to Barcelona’s Boqueria Market to choose the vegetables and fish of the day, savoring again the techniques and knowledge of tradition.

He finds all this expertly concentrated within the innovative patented Stagionello® devices, described by the chef himself as “the only tool to ensure customers tasty but above all safe food, at all times.”

During his stay in Italy, at the Stagionello® Academy, alongside a large team of Stagionello® Tutors, the chef delves into artisan techniques applied to high technology. He soon makes the innovative Cuomo Method® his own, in a full immersion within the millennial and ancestral Mediterranean gastronomic culture.

The Chef of the prestigious Marriott Hotel chain, together with Stagionello®  Academy tutors, Luca, Jordy, Antonio and Claudia, work together to bring new and surprising flavor combinations.

Upon their return from getting acquainted at the local farmer’s market and visiting Crotone’s fishermen, they shape newfound knowledge into cod and anchovy ‘Nduja, smoked amberjack hams, shrimp salami and tuna and squid mortadella.  Food-Safe and quality, ready-to-eat, foods thanks to the “method that takes ancient knowledge, to a new level.”

Today, Aitor Olabegoya continues to study and experiment with the technology selected for JW Marriot Hotel’s luxurious kitchens, thanks to the skillful use of precision tested microclimate: natural parameters such as humidity, temperature, air velocity, time and pH that he manages individually resulting in endless essential combinations to improve and refine the flavours and textures of meat, fish and much more!

All this thanks to a 100% Italian Made technology that is increasingly established around the world and renowned as uniquely being the only one capable of analyzing, verifying and managing the pH of food, which for the chef, represents “not a simple system but a tool worthy of endless possibilities.”

“The Cuomo Method is a language”: chef Aitor has no doubts about the method and technology that have revolutionized his gastronomic universe. He is determined to grow, alongside Alessandro Cuomo, in the ambitious project of a genuine cuisine and its return to tradition: a real “diet to care and live well” where the natural and food-safe applied technology of Stagionello® is the key to an ethical, sustainable and traditionally innovative gastronomic future.