What’s cooking in Paolo Casagrande Menus’

What’s cooking in Paolo Casagrande Menus’ What’s cooking in Paolo Casagrande Menus’

The first edition of Bubbles & Fish, Rovereto, an event that combined the leaders of Aquaculture and well-known Wineries in the area organised by Magnolia Event, has just come to an end.

During the event, promoted by various organisations including Trentino Sviluppo, it would appear that the chef conducted a training course on long fish maturation along with the well-known Italian inventor, Alessandro Cuomo, father of the pioneering Cuomo Method® and patented Stagionello®️devices for meat and fish maturation

In a masterclass, alongside I.P.S.E.O.A. Tor Carbone and Assoittica, the two native Italian men, Paolo and Alessandro, alongside Chef and Tutor Felice Santodonato, presented a dish that exalts a fine risotto combined with genuine and innovative ingredients such as: shrimp salami, tuna mortadella and spreadable fish salami.

During the preparation of the dishes alongside Chef Paolo Casagrande, there was a 15 kg Shi Drum (umbrina) maturing and smoking in the Stagionello®️ Fish Curing Device in use by the extraordinary youngsters of the Tor Carbone Hotelier Institute team, from Rome.

A Standing ovation during the delicacy tasting proposed by the Chef.

Fish delicatessen turned out to be an explosion of light but overwhelming flavours, sublimely commented by Professor Jacopo Pagani, a neuro-gastronome, who gave a pleasantly insightful lesson in sensory education to help appreciate taste and aroma.

The two Italian excellences, Paolo Casagrande and Alessandro Cuomo, ended the evening by informing the participants that a training course on the innovative ‘Sea-cuterie’ is in the works. This will allow trainees to learn in an academic setting and scientific manner, how to approach this noble fish art to produce wholesome, nutritious and tasty fish salami.