A successful tradition for a new culture of Innovative Artisanal Food Devices

The philosophy and business ethics of Stagionello® Store (Arredo Inox Srl), aimed at supporting and spreading a true culture of innovation as well as generating the virtuous sharing of best digital transformation experiences, has won first place in the 2022 edition of the PMI Awards.  The event was organized by the SMEs Digital Innovation Observatory of the School of Management of the Polytechnic University of Milan. Highlights during the ceremony were the paths, challenges, benefits and obstacles that the Italian SMEs ecosystem entails with reference to the digitalization process.

The award comes after two years of an unforgiving pandemic, during which all SMEs were forced to approach digitization. It is now essential for the business system to move from a digitization by necessity to a digitization by awareness. A change that is required to be shared within the SMEs ecosystems.

The Stagionello® Store Arredo Inox Company has proven to be able to anticipate the changes taking place today. It triumphed among numerous candidates, which of whom had been evaluated by Observatory researchers and was outstanding precisely thanks to the unique and original vision of its main inspirer and guide, Alessandro Cuomo, who has always been sensitive to the idea of absorbing and practicing the paradigm of Open Innovation in his activities. Thanks specifically to this paradigm, he managed to make his business distinctive, both for uniqueness, effectiveness and for the solutions adopted.


The company focuses on the inspiring concept of Cuomo, according to whom innovation is a successful tradition and in doing so acts as a guide for community related to 4.0 devices applying the Cuomo Method®This is a pH-controlled process of fermentation and maturation based on the management of natural physical elements; thanks to this method, the world of local production has been revolutionized and this will increasingly lead to a provincial, regional and national autonomy of long maturation processes for fresh meat and of the production of cured meats and fish.

The community of traditional food, at the basis of Alessandro Cuomo’s food and innovation revolution, encompasses thousands of chefs, butchers, operators in the fish supply chain, veterinarians, breeders, doctors in animal production, nutritionists, food processors, gastronomic activists and lovers of good food and healthy food traditions.

The concept of innovation and digital transformation of the first Traditional Food Community relates to various sectors of the agri-food supply chains and is linked to safeguarding and renaissance of the traditional food system, which today is dramatically adrift. This is a community within which all the knowledge included in the vision of the Cuomo Method® is shared and becomes the link between the rural way,  agri-food operators and future generations.

All this future development, including the technological and digital version, will however make sense only if we are able to apprise and experience the true meaning of nature, traditions and peasant knowledge. Finding ourselves in a continuous exchange with entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers and with the new generations interested in traditional food production, as well as being sensibly adjoined to the land, respectful of animals destined for sacrifice, but also attentive to nutraceuticals and to the protection, enhancement and tasting of ancient flavors.

Technological innovation certainly represents an opportunity for everyone. It is the best vehicle for developing a widespread social model of well-being as long as we do not lose sight of our knowledge in relating to the great cultural heritage of food traditions; the possibility of breeding animals with indigenous genetics; the ability to produce healthy, nutritious and genuine products with nutraceutical properties, fundamental for our life.

We are convinced that it is vital that everyone do their part, creating a fertile ecosystem within which business communities can proceed uniformly in transforming their businesses, developing new visions thanks to a growing digital maturity. This is the reason why the Stagionello® Store Arredo Inox Company has set up a project able to achieve important strategic objectives by significantly increasing production capacity through the optimization of processes and the implementation of a management software. All this in order to meet the needs of a rapidly growing market.

The same project will also increase the energy sustainability in the production sector and business processes overall, through the expansion and renewal of the pre-existing photovoltaic system, able to achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption.

An important investment, on both financial and cultural level: the new machines, together with the modernization of the present ones, will no longer be manual but managed by operators on a computerized workstation, who will be able to use dedicated management software.

Furthermore, to achieve this important result, confirmed by the PMI Awards 2022, Alessandro Cuomo relied on the technical skills of the inseparable Salvatore Liguori and, for the corporate digital transition, on the category association Unindustria Calabria, as well as on doc. Giuliana Gerace, the engineers Matteo Pasqualotto and Giuseppe Caristo and on each of the technicians of the production departments of Stagionello® Store Arredo Inox.