The future of seafood cuisine: between traditional raw materials and technological innovation

The future of seafood cuisine: between traditional raw materials and technological innovation The future of seafood cuisine: between traditional raw materials and technological innovation

Interview with chef Pasquale Palamaro

Pasquale Palamaro is an extraordinary chef to whom Michelin awarded a star in 2013, recognizing his art in the kitchen and his valuable work at Indaco, the restaurant of the Albergo della Regina Isabella where the chef of Ischian origins covers the role of Executive Chef. His direct experience with illustrious chefs on the Italian and international scene helped him to best express the flavors and colors of his land. He strongly cares about his origins and his places, as well as those inspirations of the sea which, as he always likes to repeat, represent the main inspiration for his menus. The chef does not disdain, however, the healthy contamination between raw materials and technological innovation, so much so that he makes use of the Cuomo Method®, implemented on the Stagionello®Fish curing device. With this advanced equipment Palamaro finalizes and let his seafood cured meats mature.

In addition to the curiosity to be  satisfied, can you tell us how good these new products are and what is the customer satisfaction rating after tasting?

Almost four years have passed since I recognized my true professional identity, so I define myself as a sea cook or fisherman cook. And it is precisely in this phase of professional transition that I began to cook fish as if it were meat: and thus sea salami was also born. Referring to my cooking style, one of the dishes that always amazes my guests, both for taste and for philosophy, is sea quills: a fake sea urchin that has nothing of a sea urchin, prepared with a cream of amberjack, heart of salted lemon, basil and mozzarella sauce. The idea of ​​reproducing such a dish was born when the ban on fishing for sea urchins in our sea of ​​Ischia was imposed, due to the protection of the seabed. This is a measure I fully support.

Palamaro is very fond of researching new cooking techniques to use with the raw materials of our seas and his main goal is to tell the rich Southern Italian traditions’ basin through his dishes. He also pays a lot of attention to the presentation of the dishes. It is right to enhance food to the eye and to the palate, but it is even more right if food is good for your  health. You are very attentive to this aspect, right?

By now, with the gastronomic evolution of the new millennium, we all know that we eat first with the eyes and then with the mouth, and the technique helps us a lot to create real works of art. But the eyes have a limit and that is not to give pleasure to the whole body through taste, an event that happens only when we eat something really good. In my opinion, the good is only in the excellence and freshness of the product, so the technique must always be at the service of the raw material to enhance its taste, never vice versa.


Using the Cuomo Method® through  this intelligent pH controlled device, which uses natural methods without the addition of artificial chemistry, cutting edge for smoking and preparing seafood salami, also cooked at low temperatures or vacuum-packed, such as mortadella and tuna ham or amberjack brawn and sea bass’ nduja, Palamaro has studied, applied and put together an interesting offer of fish delicatessen.
Among those you are carrying out with your creative flair, would  you introduce us to the ones you prefer the most?

I did not think that my professional choice to experience the sea at 360 degrees could turn me in  a “sea butcher”, but I must confess that this project stimulates me a lot, also because I found the same spirit and stimulus in the Stagionello group and with the Cuomo Method. Among the wide range of products I prepared, the ones that particularly surprised me were: Salamella DolceMare, sea bass’ Nduja,  Morone’s Lonza and Tuna Bresaola. Really special products that, as I told people after trying some restaurants and delicatessens around the world, are worth the trip to try them… .and this time I say it for my cured meats.

Chef Palamaro, like the Cuomo Method®, embraces the philosophy that has as its objective the protection and encouragement of the production and consumption of typical and traditional foods. Thanks to Palamaro’s experience in choosing the raw material and creating the appropriate recipes for each product, the chef has chosen the Stagionello®Fish curing device to complete the refinement of the seafood: a guaranteed, patented device 100% produced in Italy , capable of producing fish products of the highest nutraceutical level, as well as of marvelous workmanship and goodness, organoleptic and taste.
In your opinion, since you apply it for your culinary creations, does this method represent the future for those involved in seafood?

Well, what can I say !!! We are certainly what we eat, and this phrase must come to mind every time we get ready to buy food or raw materials to be transformed into food. Consequently, we must entrust the raw material to advanced machines that respect it, as much as was done when we were about to buy it. So yes. I confirm that the Cuomo Method, applied by Stagionello®Fish curing device device, helps to control and improve the final product of excellence in their organoleptic characteristics.