The Cuomo® Method presented at the SMAU in Milan as a case history of Open Innovation.

The Cuomo<sup>®</sup> Method presented at the SMAU in Milan as a case history of Open Innovation. The Cuomo<sup>®</sup> Method presented at the SMAU in Milan as a case history of Open Innovation.

The Cuomo A great national success for the Cuomo Method®, presented as a case history at the SMAU in Milan in the Open Innovation Section.

The presentation in the prominent International Fair, held by Alessandro Cuomo, founder of Alessandro Cuomo Brevetti (Cuomo Method®), took place during the Fifth Open Innovation and Corporate Venture Capital Observatory, promoted by Assolombarda, InnovUp and SMAU along with the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza Brianza and Lodi, with the scientific partnership of Infocamere and Politecnico di Milano and the collaboration of Piccola Industria Confindustria and Confindustria.

The event opened with greetings from the promoters: Angelo Coletta, President of InnovUp; Carlo Robiglio, President of Small Industry Confindustria; Alvise Biffi, Director and Member of the Board of the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce of Milan-Lodi-Monza and Brianza; Pierantonio Macola, President of SMAU.

Following, the presentation of the quantitative data, held by Niccolò Stamboglis of Data Scientist InfoCamere, while the presentation for qualitative processing was given by Angelo Cavallo, Senior Researcher of the Startup Hi-tech Startup Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano.

The event, in which Arredo Inox® presented itself as an Italian best practice, was concluded by the Director of Strategy and Development of CDP Venture Capital, Alessandro Scortecci.

Carried out for the fifth consecutive year, the Observatory proposes a quantitative analysis on investments in Corporate Venture Capital, flanked by a qualitative survey on some Italian experiences of open innovation, in the context of evolutionary models that are consolidating internationally.

A valuable guide for companies and operators interested in exploring the opportunities offered by the modern paradigm of Open Innovation and Corporate Venture Capital, with a win-win contamination for both startups and established companies, which is consequentially, developing all over the world.

The forms of this circularization are manifold: from the commercial alliance to the participation in the capital of startups, sometimes also in terms of acquisition, including models of open innovation (open innovation) and real investment (corporate venture capital).

If for startups / scaleups this is a vital factor in the development and affirmation process of their product or service, for established companies it is an indispensable tool to bring innovation in their business processes, supply, production and sales, as well as in internal management of the company itself.

“Seeing a Calabrian company among the best cases to imitate – said the vice president of Piccola Industria Calabria, Alessandro Cuomo – is a source of pride for those many managers of our land who, among many structural and environmental difficulties, carry on with courage and the ideas and work of their companies have been successful “.

Arredo Inox® is a Calabrian company with many years of consolidated experience in the industrial refrigeration sector and is a leader in the sector of devices for the transformation (understood as seasoning, maturation, refining) of food. The company produces and markets, under license, patented devices for the processing of meat, fish and related semi-processed products in a comprehensive food safety regime.

Specifically, Arredo Inox® holds the license for the production of 5 patents and 12 trademarks owned by Alessandro Cuomo Brevetti Milano.

Inside the company, an industrial plant of about 10,000 square meters located in Crotone, 87 patented models are produced, mainly marketed under the brands Maturmeat®, Stagionello® and Pesciugatore®: today there are approximately 3,000 devices installed worldwide, from ‘Australia to Japan, from Canada to the United States, from Russia to the United Kingdom, as well as in many other European countries.

These innovative instruments, produced independently and with high quality standards (TÜV certifications), cross national borders and are available in all continents, allowing for solid commercial channels even in international food safety  protocols.

The Cuomo Group, following the 50% export obtained in 2019, has recently acquired a new plant in the Italian Region of Piedmont.   CABI Srl in Casale Monferrato (Alessandria) for the production of 2.0 and 3.0 machines and  Stagionello Service in Carugate (Milan ), responsible for delivering technical and technological services to large distribution chains.