Promoting a safe and legal maturation of meat

Promoting a safe and legal maturation of meat Promoting a safe and legal maturation of meat

The Cuomo method, patented at national and European level, is the only one able to guarantee the maturation of food in a food safety regime, according to the highest international standards.

Applied to the treatment of meat in appropriate devices, also patented, this method promotes the quality linked to tradition, because it allows to obtain an industrial production of matured and cured high quality meats “precisely as it used to be done once”, is say without the addition of chemical preservatives. Meats matured with the Cuomo method guarantee tender and succulent steaks, which are above all “safe”, because they have not developed pathogenic moulds during the treatment process. This is possible thanks to the fact that the device, which implements the method, is a controlled device or rather is able to monitor and vary the climatic parameters (temperature; moisture) of the housing in which the different cuts of meat are positioned, as its pH varies. A similar controlled process prevents the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria in the form of moulds, which would affect the quality of the product during the treatment up to the putrefaction and therefore guarantee a safe and legal maturation. Precisely for these reasons, both the Cuomo method, and the related patented technology capable of implementing it, were approved by the National Butchers Federation (Federcarni), as well as tested and validated by the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production of the University of Naples Federico II.

On the other hand, the Porf. Marco Tassinari of the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, during the I-Meat fair in Modena in March 2019, highlighted the difference between a normal conservative device (refrigerator) and a maturation device with an integrated pH monitoring system, which implements a patented method such as the Cuomo method: in a refrigerator even at high temperatures, transformations and bacteria can continue to work in the meat carcasses leading to mould formation, consequently to an increase in bacterial load; the Cuomo method allows us today to speak no longer of maturation by ageing process, but of “maturation of the meat by curing process”; the meat “matured by curing process” therefore, not refrigerated with the ageing process, has a whole series of enzymatic changes, during a transformation process that can last even months and that, as controlled, does not lead to the formation of moulds potentially harmful to human health.

In addition to being safe, steaks matured with the Cuomo method are more juicy, more tender and tastier than an unprocessed product, since during maturation the loss of moisture does not lead to a loss of the initial properties of the food, but determines a concentration, with a consequent increase in taste of about 30%. This means that nothing of the initial product is wasted, in terms of weight, taste but also and above all in terms of nutritional properties. Rather, there is an increase in nutritional and nutraceutical values, because with the same weight, the concentration of these properties increases. This is an important result, which unquestionably helps to maintain high the quality of the red meat matured, improving its organoleptic and nutraceutical profile.

In this way, the Cuomo method promotes quality meats, linked to the ancient cultures and traditions of maturation, but which look to the future and to respect the laws and the health of the customer thanks to innovative technologies.