Love yourself more by taking care of your eating habits. Health and metaphysical well-being through the fish market.

Love yourself more by taking care of your eating habits. Health and metaphysical well-being through the fish market. Love yourself more by taking care of your eating habits. Health and metaphysical well-being through the fish market.

A well-known and recurring phenomenon in modern society is the ambitious search for personal well-being focused on the well-known, “living healthy and beautiful,” mentally and physically.

The pandemic period is responsible for profound crises, but also for a cultural renaissance, where limits and restrictions construed more discipline and self-love, with decisive influences on eating habits.

People resolve in changing their diets in favour of a better lifestyle, but their food choices also change with respect in contributing to the preservation of environmentally sustainable ecosystems .
Modern communication in the food sector has adapted, intercepting and reinterpreting outdated styles, fully considering the different needs and new approaches of Humankind and the Planet

In this substantial metamorphosis, social media has played a key role, enabling open confrontation between the needs of communities and the opinions of professional experts, generating new modern food-trends, to the extent of naming FISH, the trend food of 2023.

Official data report a consistent increase in the consumption of crudités.
Principal contributors to this increase are several factors: brightly colored and eye-catching dshes, pairing with obvious oriental influences, timely service that meets the demands of increasingly frenetic lifestyles, but, above all, the use of food-safe technology that averts the most serious diseases carried by raw fish.

This valuable and delicate raw material, deserves special attention because in the different stages of its supply chain. A high percentage of waste occurs, beginning from the sea and ending at the table.

New sustainability and valorisation projects of the daily catch, are born, aimed at devising intelligent solutions to encourage responsible consumption.
This objective necessarily passes through an in-depth study of gastronomic suggestions focused on increasing varied choices for the consumer, but equally taking into account, supply chain processes, which are compliant in minimizing waste, benefiting in flavour and wholesomeness.
A process that cannot be postponed in environmental, as well as gastronomic, nutritional and economic terms.

Entire entrepreneurial businesses have invested in research, promoting the market for foods that combine raw material freshness, flavour and flare, giving rise to true food-safe processing philosophies such as Cuomo Method®️.
Andrea Serraino, professor at the University “Alma Mater Studiorum” of Bologna, Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences is testimony to this pioneering project by Alessandro Cuomo, and states: “For years I have shared and supported the vision of Stagionello®️ Factory, which is to protect and encourage the production and the consumption of typical and traditional foods.
The study conducted aims to significantly reduce waste in the food sector through intelligent processing systems that are inspired by those already known in the meat sector (curing, fermentation, smoking). This allows for the development of systems that are easy to use, but which guarantee the systematic management of an entire process, in full compliance with food safety standards.”

The innovative content is of twofold value: on the one hand, it protects the interests of operators in the sector, offering an instrument based on continuous pH management and control, guaranteeing quality, safety and, above all, reproducibility and repeatability over time. On the other, it draws attention to the importance of a varied and balanced diet, possible thanks to the intake of traditionally rich foods that provide an economical and appetising way of assimilating important nutritional values such as Omega 3.

Scientific studies have indeed shown that several nutritional values of fish cured with the patented Stagionello Fish Curing Device, which are indispensable for optimal functioning of the organism, increase by up to more than 30% compared to fresh fish.
Therefore, offering the exquisite seafood sausages, such as gilthead bream ham or tuna mortadella, gives the initial raw material greater, shape and flavour uniqueness and palatability, making it appealing to the 5-13 year old age group, statistically the most averse to fish consumption but, consequently, the most in need of its irreplaceable nutritional values.