LD 651, DON’T TOUCH ITALIAN MEAT! Alessandro Cuomo exults. 93 in favour,28 against and 33 abstained: approved!

LD 651, DON’T TOUCH ITALIAN MEAT! Alessandro Cuomo exults. 93 in favour,28 against and 33 abstained: approved! LD 651, DON’T TOUCH ITALIAN MEAT! Alessandro Cuomo exults. 93 in favour,28 against and 33 abstained: approved!

After months spent discussing the so-called bioreactor ‘multiplied meat’, the Italian Republic’s Senate, in the spirit of ‘prevention is the best cure’, approving the research in the bill but firmly banning the production and marketing, on Italian soil, of artificial food and feed.

The recently approved “bill 651” has made Italy the first country in the world to ban, ‘as a precautionary measure’, the marketing, import and production of synthetic food. The measure was presented by Italy’s Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida and promoted by Masaf (Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry) along with the Ministry of Health. Underlying the proposal is a vision that aims to protect biodiversity and characteristics of territories as well as the relationship between food and culture. In other words: MADE IN ITALY.

The bill establishes a criminal sanction and a fine up to EUR 60,000 for anyone producing and placing on the Italian market, food and feed isolated or produced with cell cultures and/or tissues derived from animals, as well as a ban on naming products, processed with plant proteins, meat.

The bill passed in Palazzo Madama with 93 votes in favour, 28 against and 33 abstentions.

To better understand: what is also called ‘ultra-processed’ food includes food and drink produced from cell cultures or tissues of vertebrate animals. Animal cells would have been taken and introduced into the ‘bioreactor’ with many other additives necessary to induce dangerous cell multiplication.

In support of the decision, the Ministry of Agriculture’s website cites a recent report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), which lists and elaborates on 53 dangers posed by the hazardous ‘synthetic meat’ (LINK) that is already on the market in other countries. According to the cited document, these concern all four stages of production: the selection of cells to be replicated, the actual ‘multiplication’ in bioreactors, harvesting and processing.

The Government’s aim therefore appears to be to ensure a ‘maximum’ level of protection of human health, consumer interests and the millenary Italian food and wine culture. In addition to preserving the Italian agri-food heritage, as a set of products that have strategic importance for national interest.

This vision has always been shared by CEO Alessandro Cuomo, inventor of the Stagionello patents, anthropologist and expert in International Food Quality and Safety Systems. Stagionello® applied technology and Cuomo Method® safeguard traditions and give the possibility of producing matured meat, traditional cured meats and prosciutti or innovative SEAcuterie and naturally fermented food, fully congruent with LD 651 and food safety regulations; monitoring the physical and chemical state of the food during the transformation process, managing the fermentation processes and the pH of the meat in naturally, without artificial chemistry.
A process with a method that is both uniquely innovative and irrevocably traditional at the same time, useful for the many chefs who have decided to produce REAL MEAT food for their  customers, who are increasingly protected in terms of health and gastronomic culture.