The new “seafood butchery” with Stagionllo®Fish Curing Device

The new “seafood butchery” with  Stagionllo<sup>®</sup>Fish Curing Device The new “seafood butchery” with  Stagionllo<sup>®</sup>Fish Curing Device

What a refrigerator cannot do: a sea of ​​raw and cooked cold cuts

March 2020 is a date that I will tattoo on my heart for catastrophic aspects but also because it has given rise to profound reflections, both personal and professional.
The initial discomfort, caused by the two months of isolation, led us to awaken our “comfort zone”, until then annihilated by a cumbersome, obsolete, rhetorical system, I dare say useless. During those days, I covertly left home to go to my company and, looking at the lifeless production departments, I began to dream about the possibility of reviving them with “self-inspirations”: marveling over my first Stagionello®, cabinet for seasoning and curing meats, I imagined the possibility of “making peace with the pig” and utilizing fish. I started dreaming of a sea of ​​cured products d.o.c.m. (Denomination of Origin Cuomo Method). My grandfather and my father would often say: “Help yourself and God will help you …” thus interrupting my belief in gifts from Santa Claus at an early age. It seems like a fairy tale but, in reality, it is a small but great dream that step by step has become reality. The most recent milestone was on March 19 when, in the midst of the COVID emergency, I received a post-marked envelope from the C.I.P.O. (Canadian, Intellectual Property Office). The Canadian Government notified me of the acceptance of my latest patent N’CA2852650; my new device and method for maturing “dry aging”, smoking and cooking meat and fish with a pH controlled system.

In addition to being able to self-wash and sanitize with 4.0 technologies, this new device, called Stagionllo®Fish Curing Device, also smokes, cooks, dries and is connected to a remote management platform for remote diagnosis, updating of firmware and climatic recipes, useful for productions that vary from 150 Kg / month to 600 Kg / month depending on the models. So, thinking of all the fishermen, fishmongers, traditional fish restaurants and small fish companies, I called my Italian technicians, and wearing masks and a good dose of courage, we revisited my old project of the Stagionllo®Fish Curing Device.

As in all my projects, my actions are always guided by the need to protect local products of the area and the traditions of the families who live there. Therefore, in this case, I thought to celebrate the typicality of the Ionian Bluefin Tuna, the Amberjack, the Grouper and the Mupa but also of the women of the small fishing villages of the Ionian coast who expertly treated and preserved them and then fed their own families throughout the year.
My fortune resides in the territory I live in, rich in Magno Greca food culture, reinterpreted by the great Roman emperors, rising in the center of the Mediterranean with unique microclimates and salt diapir domes that only the great Pythagoras has been able to valorize.

Born precisely from these inspirations is the “Mortadella di Mare d.o.m.c.” (Denomination of Origin Cuomo Method) based on Tuna, Squid, Amendolara Almonds and whole sea salt. . A new food, a result of the reverse innovation that I have pursued for years with my research. Rich in culture and healthy genuine ingredients, born from an active comparison between a group of fishermen, veterinary doctors, cooks, chefs, mothers, dads and enthusiasts of healthy food that I love to call “Traditional Food Tribe”.

Thanks to this new line of patented (EP2769276B1) cabinets and microclimatic cold rooms, which include a device that applies the method of maturing, smoking, drying and cooking at controlled pH, it is now possible to mature, smoke and cure fish in your shop, restaurant, fishmonger or small fish farm, extending the conservation of fresh fish to up to two months, without the use of chemical and artificial products. From these socio-cultural reflections, consequentially applied in the Stagionllo®Fish Curing Device dryer for smoking and seasoning fish, a sea of ​​genuine salami of raw and cooked fish are born, such as Tuna ‘Nduja, Amberjack Bacon, Tuna Bresaole, the matured Swordfish Loin, the Smoked Salmon Speck, the Seasoned Grouper Fillet, the Tuna Squid and Pistachios Mortadella Guanciale.

By introducing these new foods, based on matured, smoked, cooked or “dry aged”  pH controlled, fish , on the menu’s of fishmongers, restaurants and specialized shops, completely food safe, the flavors and qualities of raw or cooked products are amplified in short seasoning phases for the most refined palates.
I dedicate this new device and method of fish curing at controlled pH levels to all Italian fishermen who, each and every day, face the sea, like farmers on the land, to bring genuine and healthy food to the tables of families, useful for nourishing and above all curing us.

With the hope that the Stagionllo®Fish Curing Device can help protect and encourage the production and consumption of typical and traditional food.