In the heart of the Mediterranean amid inspiration, culture and innovation: Chef Pablo Esposito’s ancestral cuisine bound to the philosophy of cured fish.

In the heart of the Mediterranean amid inspiration, culture and innovation: Chef Pablo Esposito’s ancestral cuisine bound to the philosophy of cured fish. In the heart of the Mediterranean amid inspiration, culture and innovation: Chef Pablo Esposito’s ancestral cuisine bound to the philosophy of cured fish.

Giving a new meaning to what today is conventional, translates into innovation, to share it, is renewing a tradition

This ability could be interpreted as a whimsical intuition or a rare instinct. Those few who, in certain circumstances, by fate or by chance, meet and generate what we commonly define as a “successful invention”. We witnessed this singular event in the meeting of two lands, with distant borders but with similar flavors, Malta and Italy, represented by two extraordinary minds, a chef and gastronomic experimentation enthusiast, Pablo Esposito and an inventor, Alessandro Cuomo deemed “Reverse Innovator”.

This is how a project with original ethical-gastronomic purposes between these two personalities, was born.  One of which speaks of passion, valorizing the respect for responsible nutrition, originating from a regardful conscience focused on the value of food and furthermore, wants to educate the minds, of who in turn, will transmit the moral duty for eco-sustainable food consumption.

Chef Pablo Esposito was born in Taranto, where the scent of the sea and the authentic taste of fresh fish have always enveloped and fascinated him, fueling a growing passion that today is his profession.  Described with words full of sentiment: “My passion is born from a family tradition, gathering around a table set in the countryside to share what had been patiently cultivated. Where mothers and grandmothers skillfully cooked the gifts from the sea and took part together in genuine rituals of convivial life “.

His path is focused on a responsible use of the raw material: unusual combinations, unusual flavors and absolutely eclectic combinations, an ancestral innovative cuisine to preserve the scents of the past.

Here in Valletta, in the smallest capital of Europe, Chef Pablo Esposito has founded a welcoming temple of taste renamed “Da Pablo – Trattoria di Mare” which defines “a place where you can feel the love for food, culture and life “.

Culture, a term that was born to accurately preserve that encounter between tradition and innovation and which has since been handed down over time to safeguard its value.

A value that the Chef fortifies and enhances today by welcoming Alessandro Cuomo’s patented method and the Stagionello Store®’s technology into his everyday rituals.

A veritable meeting that immediately turned into a strong partnership where valorizing tradition is cornerstone.

Both chef Esposito and A. Cuomo undoubtably cultivate the same goal, to preserve and exalt the values ​​of the past.

This is how, on the one hand, the exclusive restaurant “Da Pablo Trattoria di Mare” was born – where you can rediscover fish through dishes with a perfect balance between flavors from the past and the future, on the other, the Cuomo Method®, the innovative answer to protecting and encouraging the production and consumption of typical and traditional foods.

“The passion for good old-fashioned cooking, the attention to modern techniques, the love and moral duty towards a concept of responsible nutrition which respects the whole food chain, immediately encouraged the meeting with Alessandro Cuomo. An understanding that immediately convinced me that there would be a profoundly cognitive experience of food processing “, a real professional imprinting between two brilliant minds, which gave rise to an ambitious gastronomic project linked to the technology of the Stagionello ® Fish Curing Device, an intelligent system that allows the use of innovation to enhance the authenticity of fish and gives this entrepreneurial reality, original nuances in taste.

Another important aspect in this partnership is training: Chef Esposito not only shared the vision of Stagionello Store® but became its promoter as an “Ambassador” to extend throughout the heart of the Mediterranean, the importance of protecting and encouraging local productions, in pursuing A. Cuomo’s goal on several fronts, to create a new gastronomic culture based on food sovereignty: “I am honored to have been entrusted by Alessandro Cuomo as an Ambassador, an honor that I reciprocate with absolute dedication to this technology, largely placing emphasis on sustainability which, thanks to the Cuomo Method®, is now more understandable and achievable than ever “.

Bringing new aspects into a project manifests a series of intrinsic changes that range in every direction. A revolutionary approach that has invested not only the creativity of the Chef, but has inevitably changed the customer’s perception into being pleasantly amazed and enthusiastic, who does not struggle to perceive the technology and all the professionalism contained in carefully studied dishes that result from refined and original research.