The innovation of Cuomo Method®️ enters the menu of chef Marco Visciola

The innovation of Cuomo Method<sup>®</sup>️ enters the menu of chef Marco Visciola The innovation of Cuomo Method<sup>®</sup>️ enters the menu of chef Marco Visciola

The phenomenon of seafood cured meats is promoted in the Il Marin restaurant in Genoa, through the use of Pesciugatore®️.

A project starts from Calabria that puts fish under the spotlight, revived in all its species and in every possible declination of use. It is an apparently unusual encounter between taste and innovation, between hi-tech technology and the tradition of working in the kitchen, from which unique new food design projects come to life. The first stop was Liguria, between the charming seaside village of Camogli, the “City of a thousand white sailing ships” and the Old Port of Genoa, right in the famous Il Marin restaurant located inside the Eataly headquarters.

It is from here that the roots of an extremely innovative project grow and spread,a project which has as protagonists: Alessandro Cuomo, inventor of the Cuomo Method®️; Marco Visciola, chef of the Il Marin restaurant at Eataly Genova; the Camogli Fishermen’s Cooperative.

Thanks to what was invented and patented by Alessandro Cuomo, the fish delicatessen sheds its ancient garments, so rooted in our gastronomic culture, and becomes a complete transformation process that includes maturation, drying, seasoning and cooking, thanks to which it is possible to enhance every single part of the fish, making it the protagonist of a natural and safe transformation project.

“My innovation is a successful food tradition – affirms Alessandro Cuomo in his Ligurian stage -. This is how my natural and patented method, thanks to a continuous monitoring of the physical and chemical state of the food during the transformation process, allows the extension of shelf-life, in compliance with all current regulations. in terms of food safety. A process carried out naturally and without the addition of artificial preservatives, which many chefs have decided to use “.

The device and method of food processing Sicur Food Control®️, patented by Alessandro Cuomo (international patent N ° EP2769276B1, recognized by the European Patent Office, and N ° CA2852650, recognized by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office), which translates technologically into the intelligent system for the maturation of fish at controlled pH, is known all over the world with the name of Pesciugatore®️.

In this particular plant the fish is transformed and preserved through a microclimatic recipe that has as ingredients only the physical principles, such as temperature, humidity and ventilation, which are governed by the pH trend, monitored and managed continuously , manually or automatically. Once started, the device performs a continuous analysis of the pH of the food, triggering proteolysis and / or lipolysis processes: and it is precisely in these sensitive phases that the algorithm perfectly reshapes the physical parameters useful for restoring or maintaining the pH. Within a safe range.

As anticipated, this new phenomenon of innovative fish transformation has also entered the haute cuisine of chef Marco Visciola, who immediately showed himself ready to enhance with his skilled hands and with his culinary art all the flavor of a material first special, driven by the inverse revolution of the Cuomo Method®️ and by an innovative experimentation of taste.An evolution marked by scientific research and the exaltation of nutraceutical values ​​and the natural flavor of the fish through the transformation of textures. A method that speaks of tradition but which at the same time dictates the paradigms of the food choices of the future oriented towards the selection of fish considered poor, not adequately valued.

“Do you know what the main objective that led us to participate in this initiative is? – declares Eataly Il Marin -. The intuition of creating a customized line of seafood cured meats to be integrated into the gastronomic offer and to be offered to the final consumer with an e-shop, as well as within the Eataly store in the Porto Antico of Genoa. Our main intention is to enhance the value of fish while respecting the sea and biodiversity and to reuse all of its parts to minimize waste. This is the leitmotif that has always characterized the philosophy of the Il Marin restaurant “.

Thus a new journey into the original tastes of the sea starts from Calabria, with a seafaring experience to be fully relived, which will certainly give vent to an evolving culinary offer: all in the synthesis of a new vision of fish, which must be enhanced, studied and proposed with scientific precision and with rigorous respect for the work of fishermen, as well as for the environmental sustainability policies of the sea.

The goal set by Alessandro Cuomo is to make the creations in the chefs’ cooking workshops unique, inimitable and personalized. But above all, offer the consumer increasingly safe and genuine foods, with relevant nutraceutical values ​​and for a more careful action of food education and health protection.