The Cuomo method®

Innovation is a successful tradition

"The Cuomo Method®® is a patented method that uses only natural physical parameters and makes it possible to monitor the physical and chemical state of the foods throughout the transformation process by continuous pH analysis, verification and management".


  • N° EP 2769276B1 (European Patent Office)

    N° EP 2769276B1(European Patent Office)

  • CIPO N° CA2852650 (Ufficio della Proprietà Intellettuale del Canada)

    CIPO N° CA2852650(Canada Intellectual Property Office)

For more than twenty years, the Cuomo Method® has become recognized as the perfect sequence of climatic parameters enclosed in a simple and intuitive Climatic Recipe® Device based on the safe pH ranges of foodstuffs undergoing processing. The only patented method able to guarantee food-safe productions with an original traditional taste, optimize time and certifiable final goods.

Why choose the Cuomo Method®

  • OUR VISION:To protect and encourage the production and consumption of typical and traditional foods
  • OUR MISSION:To design and produce micro-climatization systems and cabinets for traditional food transformation; to innovate and improve the handling, processing and preservation of indigenous, typical and local Italian foods, in Italy and abroad along with promoting Food Sovereignty with local productions worldwide.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY naturally genuine and READY TO EAT foods with a traditional flavour that boast high nutritional and organoleptic properties.
    READY TO EAT Safe Goods
  • CERTIFIED FOOD-SAFETY Strict protocols on risk analysis have allowed the development of climatic recipes, semi-processed food products and transformation processes scientifically validated by Universities and Food Technology and Research Institutes.
  • FOOD SOVEREIGNTY Artisanal own-brand food, safeguarding local production, incentivizing and supporting short supply chains, but above all optimizing all species, breeds and valorizing second cuts.
  • SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY diverse transformation processes that guarantee high-profit margins through the valorisation of raw materials such as more tender meats and cheaper cuts. It increases shelf-life by ensuring greater preservability and quality for producers and customers with strict respect of all current food safety regulations.Complete weight-loss management by the operator thanks to as many as 4 parameters that can be easily monitored and controlled at any time using the practical touch-screen.