A NEW SEA-LUTARY CULTURE: with Stagionello®️ Fish Curing Device traditionally wholesome fish becomes innovative.

A NEW SEA-LUTARY CULTURE: with Stagionello<sup>®</sup>️ Fish Curing Device traditionally wholesome fish becomes innovative. A NEW SEA-LUTARY CULTURE: with Stagionello<sup>®</sup>️ Fish Curing Device traditionally wholesome fish becomes innovative.

Creativity and Curiosity put into the skillful hands of a man devoted to constantly searching for new methods and flavors, revolutionizes the world of traditional gastronomy utilizing the combination of innovation and territoriality.

In every era, the sea and its precious resources have become increasingly interesting, but they have regressed from initial care to increasing neglect, resulting in the modern concept of exploitation of the seas.

This is the reason why todays professionals in the sector, scientific researchers and technological development engineers are all rallying to address the problem through sustainable, traditional and ethical solutions.

“Going forward by stepping backward,” the reverse innovation implemented by the Cuomo Method®️, a pioneering study centered on in-depth and constant research and development aimed at valorizing foods in traditionally innovative ways.


In observance of sustainability, the Stagionello®️ Fish Curing Device was born, designed specifically for the curing and cooking of fish, enhancing the delicacy and flavor of its flesh, rediscovering the flavors of ancient traditional preparations, in acquiescence with the strictest food safety parameters.

The peculiarity of the entire Stagionello®️ Store project is the ambitious combination of technology and training: the creation of transformation systems, which valorize raw materials by strictly controlling natural parameters, is always matched up to a professional training course, designed not only to transfer all the information for the correct use of the device, but above all to stimulate awareness of the environmental impact that each choice means.

A collaboration with those who choose to move forward responsibly toward a new sustainable gastronomic culture with in hand, a unique technology.

A direct testimony of someone who chooses to establish a project geared towards the future and invests in innovation is Bartolomeo Marmoreo, a 30-plus-year fish culturist, son of five generations of fishermen and fish traders and today Chef of the restaurant “Controcorrente – taverna di mare” in Mazara del Vallo, Trapani, tells us: “Choosing Stagionello®️ Fish Curing Device means putting to use an experience handed down through generations, with greater awareness, especially on safety control. Today I have the opportunity to recreate the recipes of the past through a scientifically validated device that preserves and enhances the raw material naturally.”

A constantly evolving culture, based on examination and training was that of  Chef Marmoreo, who personally took part in the training course at the Stagionello®️ Academy: “today it’s essential to choose partners who don’t offer only a product, but believe in the project through an investment called training. At the Stagionello® Academy one feels part of a Team: it’s exciting and stimulating to be able to work alongside professionals, to learn not only on a theoretical level but above all on a practical one, thanks to the production laboratories, where you witness the true potential of a system that to call it ‘technology’ is reductive.””

The mission of making people appreciate fish in a new gastronomic light, translating it into cured dishes or even original seafood cured meats, is undoubtedly arduous. This deviation from the well-known concept of fresh fish is actually apparent; freshness lies, in fact, at the heart of the use of Stagionello®️ Fish Curing Device: the advantage of this technology is being able to choose, for the first time, to give fresh fish a longer preservation period.

Reducing food waste starts with the sourcing of raw material: the future of fish will depend on the ability to cut down frozen stocks, buy only fresh fish in smaller quantities, which can be used in part, appreciating the full flavor of a fresh catch and, in part, by valorizing it through innovative devices that preserve and indeed enhance all the organoleptic properties of this precious food in every part, truly zeroing food waste.

From a wider and more optimistic perspective, this responsible and natural process of transformation would ensure the biodiversity of our seas, protecting the reproductive cycles of species that are increasingly threatened by intensive fishing.

This is what Roberto Pisano, chef of the “La Spigola” restaurant, a well-known venue on the Sardinian scene, says: “Being supported by ethically organic technology allows us to enhance the seasonality of the catch. We optimize the periods of large fishing to ensure a qualitatively superior product at any time of the year, without sacrificing safety, flavor and varied dishes. Being able to contribute to the realization of a larger sustainability project is certainly a source of pride and requires massive research and tenacity.”

Ethical and sustainable food valorization that aims to protect and enhance the sea is achievable through a larger project that combines education, collaboration, and experimentation, which will make fish traditionally genuine and naturally innovative.